Brickworks Design Studio: More Than Just Bricks.

The Brickworks Design Studio in Philadelphia is a modern space that offers the architectural and design community a premium design experience where they can collaborate on projects, select from Glen-Gery’s broad product portfolio of high-end, stylish bricks, and host or attend industry and networking events. Located at 1319 Walnut Street, the Philadelphia Design Studio is a stunning 3,500 square foot space on the first floor of the Witherspoon building, which is known for its distinctive architectural details. Architects, developers, and other trade professionals have endless design possibilities with both traditional brick products to modern, sleek colors and high-end Venetian glass brick. Inspired by Philadelphia’s old-world charm, the retail space also features products that are synonymous with the city, including authentic handmade brick and premium wood molded brick. The highly qualified staff at this design studio provide expert consultations to architects and consumers who are embarking on a new building or renovation project. Please check the DesignPhiladelphia website for more information on upcoming Brickworks/Glen-Gery events during DesignPhiladelphia.... Read more »

Artesano Garden, New Studio and Showroom in Manayunk.

Artesano Iron Works specializes in Architectural Decorative Metals. Come experience our new architecture design studio and decor showroom, Artesano Garden. Located in the historic Manayunk substation, the space has been revitalized and expanded to serve your design dreams. As you take in the juxtaposition of natural beauty and hand forged ironwork, our dedicated team will work with you to turn your imagination into reality. At Artesano Iron Works, our commitment to preserving the centuries old tradition of hand-crafted iron, bronze, and metal works is evident at the very first glance. We do not use any prefabricated components, nor do we rely on other vendors to complete any part of our designs. Our full offering of artisans, who are skilled in hand forging iron and casting both iron & bronze work, in addition to practicing woodworking, enables us to keep all steps in-house from start to finish. Our artisans possess a meticulous eye for detail that ensures our custom designs are constructed with a constant focus on quality, and our personalized design process provides every client with an innovative design solution that is truly one-of-a-kind. Our architectural designs are showcased in commercial properties and grace homes across the United States as... Read more »

In Memoriam, Our Friend, Peter Lloyd Jones, PhD.

It is extremely sad news to share that our friend, Peter Llyod Jones, PhD passed away last month. Peter was our friend, collaborator and advocate for several years. He opened my eyes to the reaches and breadth of how design can impact our everyday lives….down to our cells. He introduced and spurred conversation within the DesignPhiladelphia festival – linking medicine with design – that has fundamentally changed the festival for the better ever since. Peter, you most definitely moved the needle. Thank you. I will miss seeing his updates on Facebook and Instagram and to get sweet notes of hello from him from across the pond. I will always remember his infectious smile and laughter. I will always regret not having more time. On behalf of DesignPhiladelphia, we extend our deepest condolences to Peter’s family and friends here in Philly and around the globe. We love you Peter and we will miss you. Below is one of my favorite videos of Peter, it shares just a sliver of the work he did here in Philadelphia. XO, Rebecca... Read more »

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