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Veiled Passage

Veiled Passage

October 6-17, 2021
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Cherry Street Pier
121 N Christopher Columbus Blvd
Philadelphia , 19106


Presented By

Interior / Furniture Design
Landscape Architecture
Textile Design
Multi-disciplinary Design

Rendering provided by Keast & Hood and AOS Architects

Responding to the rhythm of the Cherry Street Pier’s underlying truss structure and the dynamic nature of the surrounding Delaware River, Veiled Passage seeks to challenge our understanding of perception, presence, and permanence. The fabric that defines the installation’s form is itself sheer and ethereal; when experienced in procession, however, a hidden volume emerges, and the discrete layers of fabric blur together to create an inhabitable solid. Viewers are encouraged to interact with Veiled Passage’s playful and ever-changing nature from a variety of scales and perspectives, both interior and exterior. Like the tides and flow of the river, the installation changes throughout the day. At times calm and still and at others billowing in the wind, the structure seems to come alive. Experience Veiled Passage and discover new affects, associations, and interpretations of the Cherry Street Pier and Delaware River.