OVUUD | Mobius Freeform Light Product Showcase | DesignPhiladelphia

OVUUD | Mobius Freeform Light Product Showcase

OVUUD | Mobius Freeform Light Product Showcase

October 7-18, 2020
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


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Interior / Furniture Design

Mobius Floor Light - Photo by Benjamin Gillespie

OVUUD presents the Mobius floor fixture - a series of freeform lights that incorporates a dynamically twisting body having a continuous illuminated face.  Unlike traditional fixtures that rely on discrete illumination points located on a portion of the fixture, the ever-evolving light face of the Mobius allows for the fixture, as a whole, to be the light source .  Not only does such configuration provide for a balanced glow to the surrounding environment, but it also gives shape to the light as the illumination source follows the path of the entire closed-loop.  As a result, an observer is able to enjoy the entirety of the fixture in a way not possible with traditional fixtures having only discrete points of light.   

The Mobius is made via a free-form process from ash or oak wood, high-output LEDs, and a woven diffuser.  The Mobius shown above has dimensions of (H) 38” x (W) 36” x (D) 30”, but the dimensions can be custom tailored to fit spatial requirements.    Learn more here - or email at info@ovuud.com