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Designer Spotlight: Lastasha Hall, Lillie Couture

Monday, October 8, 2018
05:30 PM - 06:15 PM

BOK - Exhibition Gallery, Haworth Corner
1901 S. 9th Street
Philadelphia, 19148


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Haworth Designer Spotlight Latasha Hall, Lillie Couture - #HaworthDPDesignerTalks

We understand design can influence and make an impact in our communities and built environment. So this year, in part with Haworth (best known for commercial furniture around the world), we are introducing short talks from emerging/women designers at the Haworth Designer Talks Space in BOK's Girls Gym. The short talk is meant to connect festival attendees with local rock stars of the design community in an intimate setting to share their inspiration, process, and work. 

Tonight, meet designer of Lillie Latasha Hall has always has a fond love for fashion. In her early years of being an artist she sat for hours drawing and designing figures in her head. It wasn’t until she was introduced to sewing by a family friend that she began to unify her passion for the arts and sewing, turning sketches into wearable clothing. Since then she has been able t accumulate over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry. Latasha has dedicated time to perfect her craftsmanship with experience in bridal, evening, ready to wear, and alterations. 

In 2008 as a graduate of The Art Institute of Philadelphia Latasha became immersed in the fashion industry. Working as an assistant woven designer for Sean John as well as a denim designer for Synergy jeans she gained vast experience in the fast paced New York menswear scene. Searching for a more hands on approach to fashion Latasha then explored the alterations avenue of the industry by landing a job as a seamstress for Nordstrom as well as various bridal and suit boutiques. 
In 2013 Latasha realized her ultimate passion of designing custom pieces for an array of clients and for celebrity clients that include, Vivian Green, GOGO Morrow, Erica Campbell and a Grammy appearance by Kristal Lyndriette. With this new found passion she began focusing all of her attention on building her company Lillie whose name serves as a dedication to her late grandmother Ester Lillie Coles who embodied the classic feminine essence with a touch of sophistication and spunk. 

Since beginning Lillie Latasha’s designs have been featured in numerous magazine publications as well as gaining clients from around the country. Latasha hopes to bring her brand internationally in the future.