Creative plating with Felt+Fat x Chef Erik Oberholtzer | DesignPhiladelphia

Creative plating with Felt+Fat x Chef Erik Oberholtzer

Creative plating with Felt+Fat x Chef Erik Oberholtzer

Wednesday, October 14, 2020
6:00 PM - 7:15 PM

Virtual Event Hosted on Zoom

Free or $55

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Multi-disciplinary Design

The intersection of food and design is an ever-present consideration in the world of fine dining and is in the DNA of Felt+Fat, a tableware brand born of professional Chef collaborations. With an increasing number of diners choosing to order take-out or to cook from home due to Covid-19, the nuanced layers of visual delight that make fine dining so special often fall along the wayside. 


In order to educate the at-home chef to these ends, Felt+Fat is launching an ongoing series of ‘Plating at Home’ events in partnership with their professional chef clientele. The debut program will open during Philly Design Week on Oct. 14, with chef Erik Oberholzter of Tender Greens. Tender Greens is a fine casual restaurant with 34 locations that stands out amongst the fast casual scene, partially because of their commitment to using plateware over disposables, and Erik’s fine dining experience.


Juxtaposed with a virtual tour of the Felt+Fat tableware ceramics process, chef Erik will discuss ingredient selection (including plates) and demonstrate simple finishing and plating techniques to bring one's home cooking to the next level. He’ll highlight tips and tricks for the at-home-chef during a time when everyone is cooking more at home. Chef Erik’s custom tableware set will be available for sale via so that individuals at home can follow along and make their next meal one to remember.