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Best in Emerging Design Entry Form



Please have the following items prepared and ready for upload prior to beginning your entry form. There is not a save option available for this submission so once you begin the form you must complete it, otherwise you will lose your work.

  1. Entry title and concept tagline
  2. 3-4 images of your design, can include photos, sketches, renderings, and/or drawings*  
  3. Bio of your company and headshots of team members*
  4. Narrative describing your design problem, process, and solution (500 words max)
  5. Production plan
  6. Optional: Project video (max two minutes)
  7. Optional: Project website


*Only .PNG, .JPG, or .TIFF files are acceptable, each file limited to 2MB

Please consider the following details for your submission.

  • Designs that are innovative, original products.
  • Looking for products that have the capacity to scale in production.
  • A consideration of sustainability in either the design, production, manufacturing, distribution, or usage of the product.


  1. Evidence of applied research and process 
  2. Originality and creativity of concept
  3. Construction and organization (craft of submission)
    • Quality of graphics at submission
    • Craftsmanship of final installation at exhibit floor upon finalist selection
  4. Ability to be reproduced (i.e. material source, production costs, etc.)


Contact Elizabeth Paul at or Jermaine Jenkins at



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